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Water Park Season Pass

Price: $140.00
Unlimited Access to Water Park for Entire 2020 Season! Season Passes are non-refundable. With any passes purchased after May 23rd, 2020 buyer should beware of the current global uncertainty with Covid-19. Jungle Rapids in no way can guarantee the waterpark season will be open to run its normal course. The Jungle, like every other business could be affected by virus activity spikes, and the State, Federal, and Local government orders that may follow such a spike. Jungle Rapids will however allow Season Passes from 2020 that were subject to closure to be used in 2021 to cover dates missed in 2020. (For example, if a waterpark closure due to Covid-19 last 21 days in 2020 your 2020 passes could be used for the first 21 days of 2021) By purchasing the passes you are knowingly undertaking this risk.